An Open Letter To The Citizens Of Switzerland

David Chase Taylor

Swiss Asylum News
April 3, 2012

Right now, the government of Switzerland has an opportunity to help the world’s most endangered journalist. There is no question why David Chase Taylor is in need of political asylum, only why he is currently being denied.

Peace, human rights, rule of law and political sovereignty are touted as being Swiss qualities, yet Taylor’s case for political asylum in Switzerland is repeatedly being ignored, delayed, and ultimately dismissed due to a lack of commitment to the aforementioned principles.

That is why supporters of David Chase Taylor are collectively calling on the Swiss government to act with the boldness and urgency that this case demands. Switzerland cannot stop at making human rights declarations in legal statutes; they must execute them in principle and ultimately put their words into action.

At this critical juncture in world history, Switzerland must reaffirm their commitment to the human rights and act in a way that is genuine and beyond reproach. After all, if Switzerland is unwilling to give political asylum to a journalist whose actions saved the lives of millions, then who are they willing to give it to?


Supporters of Swiss Asylum for David Chase Taylor


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